Mt. Fuji-Hakone Bus Tour || 春のバスツアー




Went on a 1-Day bus tour last weekend!
The Spring weather was perfect~ =)

Check out photos, my itinerary, & recommendations!!




Oshino Hakkai Springs 忍野八海

A set of 8 ponds in Oshino Village in the Fuji Five Lake region fed by snow melt from the nearby Mt. Fuji that has filtered through porous layers of lava for over 80 years!

TIP: Have some salt grilled Ayu sweetfish (鮎) freshly caught from the crystal clear ponds!


Lake Ashi 芦ノ湖

“Ashinoko” in Japanese means “lake of reeds” as this lake is famous for its abundance of nature and the area is very popular for hiking. It was formed in the caldera of Mount Hakone after the volcano’s last eruption 3000 years ago.

TIP: Ride the novelty pirate ship cruise for stunning views of Mount Fuji!


Hakone Yumoto 箱根湯本

Famous for its hot springs, Hakone also has beautiful scenic views and delicious tofu and sake due to the abundance of pure spring water!

TIP: Have a yuba don (湯葉丼) at local restaurant Naokichi 「直吉」 - the wait is worth it!




My Thoughts on the Tour

It was great fun to be able to see so many places in one day that would otherwise have been difficult to access via public transport! & it was nice to have a private bus take you around so you don’t have to worry about navigation or getting lost.


I would’ve liked to spend more time at each location, however, and make full use of the day. Sometimes the itinerary was a bit rushed. Especially the visit to Hakone Yumoto – there was only time for the restaurant and I did not get to walk around to the nearby temples or waterfall! There are still so many places to explore, so I do hope to visit again on my own next time.





朝に新宿から出発、そして忍野八海、芦ノ湖、箱根湯本と… 三ヶ所の人気のある観光スポットに行ってきました。




ちょっと時間が足りなかったですが… たくさん写真を撮りましたよ!^^/


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