Fukushima News Interview || 福島での新聞インタビュー


During my recent tour of Fukushima, including a visit to Fukushima Farm Yoshinoya and Asahi Brewery Fukushima, I was interviewed by a local newspaper to provide my reflections on my first experience visiting the prefecture.









ところで、英語になりますが、私の意見を書きました! 下記を参考してください~^^/


Read the English translation here:


Reflections On My Fukushima Experience


Given that it is my first time in Fukushima prefecture, I appreciated learning about the food value chain in the region and all the measures being taken to ensure agricultural product quality and food safety. As a foreigner, most of the news we hear on international media about Fukushima is related to the Great Earthquake and nuclear disaster, which makes it seem like Fukushima is a dangerous place due to radiation problems. However, through this eye-opening tour with a visit to farms and food production sites, distribution centers, and even research organizations, I realize now that there are strong measures being put in place to ensure very high food safety and quality. For me, the highlights of my visit were the Yoshinoya Farm experience, Asahi Brewery Tour, and Fukushima Agricultural Technology Center. It was meaningful to engage in farming activities, which made me recognize and cherish the hard work of farmers to grow and harvest fruit and vegetables. The message that Fukushima has a lot of fresh, healthy and delicious fruits and vegetables, as well as a long agricultural history, really needs to be known to more foreigners and young people globally. I do hope to contribute my part to raising this awareness with my friends and network abroad, and of course, keep an eye out for delicious agricultural products from Fukushima prefecture!



Fukushima Agricultural Technology Center


The Fukushima Agricultural Technology Center focuses on activities including the promotion of agricultural experimental research, advancing agricultural technology and education, and also ensuring the safety of agricultural products. The center has five main functions: 1) to develop technology and coordinate planning; 2) to support regional agriculture; 3) to foster and support advanced farmers; 4) to support the agriculture to produce safe food and remain environmentally friendly; and 5) to exchange with citizens and release information.


福島県農業技術センターでは、農業実験研究の推進、農業技術と教育の推進、そして農産物の安全性の確保などの活動に焦点を当てています。 センターには5つの主な機能があります: 1)技術を開発し、計画を調整すること 2)地域農業を支援する  3)先進農家を育成し支援する 4)安全な食料を生産し、環境にやさしい農業を維持するために農業を支援する 5)市民と交流し、情報を公表する。


At the Fukushima Agricultural Technology Center.




The architecture and scenery were beautiful!




It was very impressive to learn about the advanced methods that researchers use to test a wide variety of foods and release accurate test results information to the public.



Did you know?


Interestingly, I learned that the food most often contaminated with the highest level of nuclear radiation is dried persimmons! I bet you would never have thought that!





Prior to visiting the Center, I had no idea that the food safety measures taken in Fukushima were so carefully researched and monitored, and I am very grateful to be able to take this new knowledge away with me.


If the opportunity arises, I would like to visit Fukushima again. There are still so many things to learn and different aspects of the region to explore and experience!