Okutama River Rafting || 奥多摩ラフティング


Autumn is upon us – my favorite season!

Recently, I went with a big group of 20 friends to try rafting down the Okutama river! Although rafting is not exactly the most popular activity associated with Autumn, it was so much fun to try this activity in the Tokyo Metropolitan area for the first time! 


すっかり秋らしくなってきましたね(*´▽`*) 私は秋が大好きです!☆


From JR Shinjuku station, it took us about 1 hour to get to the Okutama river. Couldn’t believe that this river is still considered within the Tokyo Metropolitan area!


Arriving to Okutama River! The nature is absolutely beautiful – does not feel like you are just an hour away from downtown Tokyo! 




It was a little drizzly on the day we went, but the scenery was still beautiful.




Ready to start rafting after getting geared up and listening to all the safety explanations! 




The course down the river was about 4.5km and took about 2 hours with various stops along the way




Everyone in our group around the raft! Up to 7 people can be on the same boat.




There were plenty of ups and downs along the river – some parts were quite bumpy but other segments were pretty calm. As I was sitting at the very front, it felt like I would fall off at some bumpy points! It takes a lot of teamwork to row properly and is more difficult than it looks!


下りはじめるとテンションが上がっていきます!みんなで息を合わせて大波にトライしました!全員で協力し息を合わせて漕げば、ボートはしっかりと進んでいきます。good teamworkを目指して頑張りました♪


In the middle of our tour, we stopped to get off the rafts and swim a little in the water. The river was very clear! It was quite fun to simply float on the life jackets and get pushed down by the current.



The highlight of the tour – jumping from a rock 4m above the river! It was exhilarating, but certainly sounds a lot scarier than the actual experience! We had the choice of jumping 2m or 4m, and almost everybody in our group took to the 4m challenge. What would you do? ;)


そして、岩場からのジャンプロックもやりました!!自分に合った4mか2mの高さのチョイスがあります!! 私は、4m飛び込みの高さを選んで挑戦しました。皆はチャレンジしてみたいですか?





After rafting, we sure worked up an appetite! At this time of year, the ayu (sweetfish) is in season. It is really awesome to watch people fish for the ayu waist-deep in the river! We passed quite a few fishermen fishing for ayu along the Okutama river, and felt that the day would not be complete without having the fresh fish for dinner! If you have not seen it before, watch a video on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGbNmrLc_jI  


ラフティングの後、私たちはとてもお腹が空きました! 秋といえば、鮎の旬ですよね。川釣りで釣人がどのように腰の深さまで川の中に立っているかを見た時、本当に不思議だと感じます!難しそうですね。とにかく、新鮮な鮎を夕食に食べないと一日が終わらないと思うので、美味しい鮎を食べました!