Showa Memorial Park || 昭和記念公園

Bask in the golden rich glow of ginkgo trees at the Showa Memorial Park. 

Showa Memorial Park—opened in 1983 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the start of Emperor Showa’s reign—is majestically laid out with seemingly endless grounds to explore. Canals, fountains and other water features, as wells as sculptures found in the gardens give the park a grand ambience reminiscent of European estates. Impressive features, such as a huge circular fountain crowned with intricate statues complete the sense of grandeur.


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“Life in Tokyo” is a web portal run by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government with the aim to support foreign residents in the city.

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My latest article is about how to "Enjoy the Four Seasons at Showa Memorial Park!"  in Tachikawa City!


新しい記事を「Life in Tokyo」のウェッブサイトに書きました!

東京都庁が運営する「Life in Tokyo」というウェブサイトのために記事を書きました!
「Life in Tokyo」は、日本在住の外国人をサポートするための、生活情報サイトです。


Life in Tokyo」は、日本在住の外国人をサポートするための、生活情報サイトです。




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English Article || 英語版:

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Dog owners will be happy to learn that the park is very dog friendly with a dog run amongst other facilities. You can enjoy a day of walking or jogging with your furry friends!