Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin


In my trip to Thailand in May 2019, our whole family gathered in Bangkok to celebrate my mother's birthday and Mother's Day.

We decided to dine at Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin in the Siam Kempinski Hotel for this special occasion! 

Will share some photos of our dinner at this One Star Michelin restaurant in this blog post. 







バンコクで「Sra Bua」というフュージョンタイ料理のレストランに行ってきました。

料理はどれも素晴らしく、 とても美味しかったです!










Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin, the renowned modern Thai restaurant, has been awarded a prestigious One Star rating by Michelin – the global hotel and restaurant reference guide.
The restaurant is well known for its fine dining Thai-inspired dishes created and presented with impressive modern interpretation. Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin was conceptualised by world-famous chef Henrik Yde Andersen whose Kiin Kiin restaurant in Copenhagen is one of the world’s very few Thai restaurants with Michelin star rating.
We had the 8-course meal priced at THB 3,200++. (About USD$100).
It was my first time at a fine dining Thai restaurant. The presentation of each dish was stunning and the flavours were bold. At times, however, I felt that the Thai spices used were too overpowering. Nonetheless, the meal was very innovative.
Since its inception, Sra Bua has been praised by foodies for its unique cuisine that marries Thai-inspired modern cuisine with Western cooking techniques. Head Chef Chayawee invites guests to enjoy an extraordinary culinary performance as he choreographs, with his team, an amazing array of basic Thai ingredients taken from original recipes to create modern interpretations in daring combinations. The familiar flavours of traditional Thai dishes are well maintained in every exquisitely composed food presentation, prepared using global cooking techniques.
Of course, we had to pair the delicious meal with some great wine! 
My favorite dishes were the desserts! We had pomegranates presented on dry ice and also a surprise game!
Other desserts were presented as a kind of "game" - four platters of rocks, chillis, and sticks were laid out on our table.
The dessert chocolates were hidden amongst real stones and chillis! Make sure you eat the right ones ;) 
It was nice to have a birthday cake and message for my mom at the end of the meal! 



Last Thoughts


  • Nice restaurant with beautiful decor and innovative Thai fusion cuisine.
  • Worth a stop when in Bangkok for a completely different fine dining experience! 
  • Siam Kempinski Hotel is a beautiful venue and we enjoyed walking around the place before and after dinner. (The Hotel Lounge & Bar is right opposite the Sra Bua restaurant entrance, making it a very convenient location for after-dinner drinks.) 
  • Sometimes, Thai spices and flavours were a bit overpowering, making the dishes less complex.