Sydney Fish Market || シドニー・フィッシュマーケット

Summer is upon us! What are your plans for summer vacation? =D 






One of my favorite places visited when I travelled to Australia is the Sydney Fish Market! A must visit for all those who love fresh seafood.

シドニーに行った時、私が一番好きな所はSydney Fish Market (シドニー・フィッシュマーケット)です。オーストラリアの魚は新鮮でおいしいことで有名です。シドニーでシーフードと言って、真っ先に挙がるのがフィッシュマーケット(魚市場)ですよ。


There is an immense variety of seafood and sashimi, including many local species! For exampe, the Yellowtail Kingfish is a natural inhabitant of the cold, clean waters of Southern Australia, and is regarded as one of the finest sashimi fish.




Look at all the fish and various seafood! Super fresh!





Lobsters, oysters, and sea urchin were all yummy!



We had lunch at the fish market and sat on the terrace outside. The weather was great and it was a beautiful day to sit by the harbour and enjoy a fresh seafood meal! However, you have to watch out for the seagulls who will shamelessly swoop in and attack your food the moment you are not watching! 




Watch out for the gulls flying around!


Freshly shucked oysters are relatively cheap at the fish market: I bought a dozen for only AUD$13!


Beautiful view next to the harbour - also great for the sunset!


For those who love seafood, if you ever find yourself in Sydney, definitely make a visit to the Sydney Fish Market! Definitely a rival to Tokyo's Tsukiji Fish Market! (Click HERE to read my blog post on the 築地市場 Tsukiji Fish Market!) 


オーストラリアに来たらシーフードを食べるのは欠かせないと思います。シドニー・フィッシュマーケットで新鮮な魚を手に入れるために行くことをおすすめしております~!東京の「築地市場 Tsukiji Fish Market」について、ここをクリックして前のブログをご覧ください~