Fishing in Tokyo Bay || 東京湾で魚を釣ろう

Fish for your own fresh catch in Tokyo Bay!




最近、東京都庁が運営する「Life in Tokyo」というウェブサイトのために記事を書きました!

Life in Tokyo」は、日本在住の外国人をサポートするための、生活情報サイトです。




Check out my recent article for the Life in Tokyo website!


“Life in Tokyo” is a web portal run by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government with the aim to support foreign residents in the city.

Articles are written in both English and Japanese.

My latest article is about how to "Fish for your own fresh catch in Tokyo Bay!"





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Japanese Article || 日本語版:

[日本語 PDF]


English Article || 英語版:

[English PDF]


“Life in Tokyo” Supports Your Life in Tokyo.

“Life in Tokyo” is a web portal that aims to make foreign residents feel at home and have a more enjoyable life in the city.

Having all citizens of the city participate in its development and realize
a comfortable society is the fundamental aim of the Tokyo Guidelines for the Promotion of Intercultural Cohesion
produced by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in February 2016.
To achieve this objective, we strive to collect and deliver information regarding multicultural coexistence,
while working with citizens, public institutions, and organizations in the city.

This website is operated by the Tokyo International Communication Committee.

Life in Tokyo はあなたの東京生活をサポートします。

「Life in Tokyo」は、外国人が安心して東京でくらし、