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Rachel Leng Harvard Graduation Robes

Contact Me for Any Work or Collaboration Inquiries


Consulting and Advisory Services

  • Education Consulting
  • Business Advisory
  • Career Consulting
  • Content Marketing Consulting
  • Other Advisory, Coaching & Mentorship services, etc.

Writing and Editing Services

  • Freelance writing (essays, articles, press releases, op-eds, etc.)
  • Sponsored content creation
  • Professional editing for resumes, cover letters, essays, articles, manuscripts, etc.

Speaking Engagements

  • High school or university seminars and lectures
  • Career workshops
  • Youth leadership seminars 
  • Corporate seminars and workshops, etc. 

Model & Presenter 
(available languages: English, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese)

  • Brand Ambassador
  • Model
  • Events Emcee and/or Host 
  • Multilingual Presenter, etc.




Instagram: @rchlleng


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