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Rachel has been profiled by international newspapers, TV programs, and magazines for cross-cultural perspectives, global careers, youth leadership and service, as well as beauty, fashion, travel and lifestyle. 

To date, she has been featured in interviews across Singapore, China, the U.S., South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, and Taiwan. 


Front Page News Headline on The Japan News
Film Interview with Channel U for Home Away from Home 《异乡,驿客》on living and working in Seoul



Documentary feature film with Rachel Leng for Homeward Bound Episode 9《我家在这里》. October 2015. Mediacorp Channel U. 

  • Currently residing in Korea, Miss Singapore finalist Rachel Leng has lived in various countries since she was 6, but no matter where she is, she proudly introduces herself as Singaporean. She decides to give her brother a surprise visit back home before he leaves for his studies overseas.  [Watch on Toggle] 

Interview with Rachel Leng for Home Away from Home 《异乡,驿客》 August 2015. Mediacorp Channel U. 

  • 全新旅游资讯节目《异乡。驿客》,透过访问移居或在当地工作的新加坡人,探索本地人在海外的生活,也通过衣食住行了解当地文化。
  • Through Singapore artistes and Singaporeans living in the different countries, the programme brings out the cultural differences between Singapore and their residing countries. It’s an “overseas survival and integration kit” and by observing the basic necessities of the locals, we will have a better understanding of their living habits and taboos.

《しながわのチカラ》 November 2017. 品川区公式チャンネル しながわネットTV (Shinagawa Cable TV).

  • 艶やかに彩る!華のおいらん道中品川の伝統と文化遺産を伝える『しながわ宿場まつり』。 その初日を飾るのが『おいらん道中』。花魁(おいらん)に扮した女性たちが旧東海道を艶やかに彩る。
  • Documentary short on the Oiran Dochu parade at the 2017 Shinagawa Shukuba Festival featuring Rachel Leng as the first foreigner and festival star. Aired on local Japanese cable TV. 


NDP Singaporean Pledge in Tokyo, Japan 2018. August 2018. Video by Ciel Liu.

  • Promotional Video for the Overseas Singaporean Unit and Singapore Associations in Japan (SAIJ and SSAJ) featuring Singaporeans living and working in Tokyo, Japan. 
  • Watch on Youtube:  

Q&A Interview with MyPaper|我报

Rachel Leng Ignite Academy Interview
Interview with Ignite Academy on importance of a global mindset


[News Media]


The Straits Times (Jan 4, 2018). "Home Truly: The place that nurtured me for abroad." [PDF]

Junten High School 順天高校. (March 1, 2018). "Harvard Prize Book 2017年度授与式" (2017 Harvard Prize Book Presentation Ceremony). [as PDF]

Mothership (Oct 17, 2017) "S’porean Harvard scholar & equity fund associate takes to Tokyo streets as Japan’s 1st foreign oiran" [PDF]

Channel 8 News 8频道新闻及事情节目 (Oct 16, 2017) "前新加坡世界小姐 成日本传统庆典内首名外籍花魁表演者" [PDF]

The Japan News ジャパン・ニュース【by Yomiuri Shimbun 読売新聞】(Sept 24, 2017). "Singaporean becomes 1st foreign oiran festival star." [Web PDF] || [Newspaper PDF]

Sankei News 産経新聞 (Sept 24, 2017). 「外国人おいらん登場 しながわ宿場まつり」"Foreigner Oiran Debuts, Shinagawa Shukuba Festival." [Web PDF] || [Newspaper PDF] || [Screenshot Image]


Shinagawa Business News 品川経済新聞. (Sept 20, 2017). ”旧東海道沿いの「しながわ宿場まつり」開催迫る おいらん役に初の海外出身者も” [Web PDF]

That's Shenzhen. (July 18, 2016). “The New Silk Road: Entrepreneurship and Innovation in China" [as PDF]

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MyPaper|我报. (Jul 09, 2013). "Pageant allows me to help needy kids." [as PDF]

AsiaOne News. (Jul 18, 2013). "She's headed for Harvard." [as PDF]



[Other Interview Features]


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Featured by the Overseas Singaporean Unit in the Prime Minister's Office as part of the Singapore government's efforts to engage its citizens overseas (under the Ministry of Culture, Community, and Youth). (07 Mar 2018) "Giving Back Through Mentorship." [PDF]

Duke Association for Business Oriented Women. (Summer 2017). "Spotlight on: Rachel Leng." [as PDF]


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PrisChew. (Jul 11, 2013). "A Beauty with Brains." [as PDF]

PrisChew. (Jul 23, 2013). "A Beauty with a Heart." [as PDF]

PrisChew. (Aug 03, 2013). "A Beauty Bound for Harvard." [as PDF]

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Indonesian Newspaper Headline_Rachel Leng Miss Singapore
Featured in newspapers in Indonesia


[Miss Singapore 2013 and Other Profiles]

Duke Asian and MIddle Eastern Studies. "Alumni Profile: Rachel Leng." [PDF]

Official Finalist Profile with "Beautiful Singapore" - Miss World Singapore home page [as PDF]

Official Finalist Video Interview

Miss World Singapore 2013 Photo Gallery [Facebook album]

Yahoo! SG slideshow for Miss World Singapore 2013 finalists 

MSN Lifestyle Asia Photos [screenshot]

(July 6, 2013). "Exclusive Interview at Gym n Tonic with Finalists of Miss World Singapore 2013."



Quikforce. (Nov 06, 2016). "Humans on the Move: Rachel." [as PDF]


Interviewed in Seoul by the Human Resources Development Service of Korea

Rachel Leng Miss Singapore TV
Interviewed by Yahoo!SG for Miss World Singapore 2013