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Rachel was the youngest advisor recruited to the Global Team for the K-Move program, run by the Korean government to support young Korean professionals' employment into overseas companies. 

Rachel was commemorated by the Human Resources Development Service of Korea for her service as an Excellent Mentor in 2017.


K-Move 멘토링이란?  해외진출의 길잡이 K-MOVE 멘토링을 소개합니다.

해외취업을 희망하는 청년들이 원활한 해외취업 및 정착을 할 수 있도록
해당국 취업에 필요한 역량, 준비사항, 현지정보 등 멘토링 지원


Read her interview with K-Move here: 

K-Move Mentoring || K-Move 멘토링. (Dec 31, 2016). "[Rachel Leng 멘토] 여러분이 세계를 선도하는 글로벌 인재가 될 수 있도록 돕고 싶어요."   [as PDF]

Interviewed in Seoul by the Human Resources Development Service of Korea

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Rachel Leng Korea KMOVE

Late update, but sharing some highlights of speaking and mentoring during 2017: 1) Had a lot of fun as Forum Speaker...

Posted by Rachel Leng on Thursday, January 18, 2018