Rachel works with various organizations across China, Japan, South Korea, and the U.S. to mentor students and young professionals on leadership, liberal arts education, international perspectives, and global careers. As the youngest advisor recruited by the South Korean government for the K-Move project supporting Koreans achieve overseas employment, Rachel was commemorated by the Human Resources Development Service of Korea for her service as Best Mentor of the Year in 2017.


Featured by the Overseas Singaporean Unit in the Prime Minister's Office as part of the Singapore government's efforts to engage its citizens overseas (under the Ministry of Culture, Community, and Youth). (07 Mar 2018) "Giving Back Through Mentorship." [PDF]



  • DukeEngage in China  (Beijing, China): Fellowship recipient; designed and taught classes at Dandelion School - 蒲公英中学 to provide migrant children with arts education and English lessons, creating an active and positive learning environment with a focus on creativity, leadership development, self-discovery, and personal growth.
  • Ignite Academy (Guangzhou, China): Seminar Leader and Expert Speaker on women in business and leadership. 
  • Three Guineas Academy (Beijing and Shanghai, China): Advisor with feminist education consulting NPO, work with students applying to U.S. universities. Track record of students getting accepted to many Top U.S. Universities, including Columbia, Harvard, Duke, Cornell, UCLA, and Brown Universities.  


  • Komatsu Summer School (Komatsu and Tokyo, Japan): Speaker and Mentor on liberal arts education and international exposure working with high school students in rural Japan.
  • HLAB (Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan): Speaker and Mentor to Japanese students on liberal arts education, career, and life goals. 
  • Harvard Club of Japan (Tokyo, Japan): Award Presenter and Speaker on global education opportunities for the Harvard Prize Book at Junten High School's closing ceremony.   


  • K-Move (Seoul and Busan, South Korea): Youngest Advisor recruited for mentorship program organized by the South Korean government's Human Resources Development Service working with young Koreans looking for overseas employment opportunities. 



Rachel Leng Duke PPS