Group members

Ph.D. students:


JJ headshot
Junjie "JJ" Dong, 2017–present

Matt headshot
Matthew Brennan, 2017–present

Jesse headshot
Jesse Gu, 2020–present



Postdoctoral fellows:


Mike headshot
Michael Volk, 2019–present: a postdoc in Roger Fu's group who does experiments in our lab

Terry-Ann headshot
Terry-Ann Suer, 2018–2021: now a Scientist in the High-Energy-Density Physics group at the University of Rochester

Kierstin headshot
Kierstin Daviau, 2019–2020: now Academic Staff in Engineering at the Toi-Ohomai Institute of Technology, New Zealand

Kate headshot
Katlyn Turner, summer 2018: now a Research Scientist in the Space Enabled group at the MIT Media Lab





Darius headshot
Darius Mardaru, 2021–present: undergraduate researcher

Riko headshot
Riko Iizuka-Oku, 2021–present: visiting researcher

Plus several short-term high school and undergraduate researchers