Curcumin based NIRF probes CRANAD-X

  • ongoing projects
  • ProjectOverview
  • AD-29 BAT Imaging

    Topdown screening of NIRF imaging probes for brown adipose tissue (BAT)

  • AD Progression

    Amyloid pathology and the 1st and 2nd generations of imaging probes

  • double blocking

    Double-blocking strategy for anti-crosslinking of amyloid beta species

  • Interaction

    The interaction model of curcumin analogues with amyloid beta peptides

  • AD58

    NIRF imaging of AD mice with CRANAD-58

  • AD28 2P

    Two-photon imaging of AD mice with CRANAD-28

  • AD3 monitor

    NIRF imaging with CRANAD-3 for monitoring therapeutic effects of BACE-1 inhibitor LY2811376 and CRANAD-17

  • Chemistry

    Chemistry and spectral characterization of CRANAD-X

  • PIB-C

    Two-photon imaging of amyloid beta plaques and CAAs with Pib-C

  • BAT AD29

    NIRF Imaging of brown adipose tissue (BAT) with CRANAD-29

  • AD2 Cell imaging

    Cell imaging with CRANAD-2 for oil droplets

  • Imaging Human Brown Adipose Tissue

    PET/MRI imaging of human brown adipose tissue with TSPO PET tracer

  • 2-Photon imaging

    In vivo two-photon imaging with ICTAD-1 in a transgenic AD mouse

  • Cu-RGD

    Pseduo-synthesis-free PET imaging with 64Cu-RGD

  • Spectral unmixing with ICTAD-1

    Differentiating Abeta40/42 in plaques of AD brain slides

  • ADLumin-1 CRET

    Turn-on Chemiluminescence probes and dual-amplication of signals for amyloid beta species in Alzheimer's disease