I am a physician who has spent more than 15 years working on building and managing health systems in low- and middle-income countries, such as Rwanda, Liberia, Nigeria, India, and Guinea. Much of this work has been focused on primary health systems and managing epidemics. 

The aim of my work has been (1) to develop primary health system models that achieve comprehensive and quality care at scale; and (2) to advance rapid, scalable diagnostics that can be used for widespread testing in epidemics with unknown and uncontrolled transmission chains.

I served as Special Advisor to the President of Guinea for Ebola which involved working side-by-side with the country's National Ebola Coordinator to develop the strategy and organizational structure for controlling the epidemic as well as managing its day-to-day execution. 

Subsequently, I worked on strategies to contain outbreaks of Zika in the United States and Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Previously, I worked with the President's Office in Nigeria to create, design and then manage a federal program that redirected debt relief funds to state health systems to build up the capacity of primary health systems to implement maternal and child health care. With the Dr. Muhammad Pate, the former Minister of State for Health in Nigeria and current Global Director for Health, Nutrition, and Population at the World Bank, we developed and guided the initial implementation of a Village Health Workers initiative that aimed to catalyze the establishment of a national Community Health Workers (CHWs) program in Nigeria.

In Rwanda, I was the Director of Health for the Millennium Villages Project and worked in partnership with the Ministry of Health to design and implement a pilot for how the primary health system should work in Mayange, a sector in Bugesera District. Subsequently, this model served as the basis for a national scale-up of the Rwandan primary health system.

In Liberia, I served as an advisor to the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to design how district health systems should look and function starting with a pilot in Bomi County.

In India, I served on the International Advisory Panel for the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) and worked with the state governments of Rajasthan, Jharkhand and Telengana to translate policy priorities into ground-level implementation.

I have been a Senior Health Advisor to the Earth Institute at Columbia University, responeded to the 2011 earthquake in Haiti, contributed to the United Nations Secretary-General's High Level Panel on Ebola, co-convened the Technical Resource Team on Financial Access of the United Nations Commission on Life-Saving Commodities, and served as an advisor on the Minsterial Working Group which included Minsters of Health from Nigeria, India, China, Ethiopia, and Kenya (including Dr. Pate of the World Bank and Dr. Tedros, the current Director-General of the World Health Organization).