Social Analysis 52 and Government 1100: Growth and Development in Historical Perspective




Underdeveloped societies are agrarian and rural; developed societies, industrial and urban. Economic growth and economic development would appear therefore to imply a great transition. How does this transformation take place? What are the processes that lead rural and agricultural societies to become industrial and urban? What economic forces underlie this transformation? And what are the political processes by which agrarian elites become marginalized and the peasantry driven from off the land? This course looks at the economics and politics of the great transformation. It examines... Read more about Social Analysis 52 and Government 1100: Growth and Development in Historical Perspective

Government 3007: Research Workshop in Political Economy


Intended for graduate students in the third year and above, this course welcomes scholarship of all types and on all aspects of political economy. Intended to provide a venue in which to develop and to debate work in progress.

Gobvernment 2782: State Failure, Civil War and Conflict


Covers recent work on state failure, civil war and terrorism. It included recent work on ethnicity and ethnic conflict as well. Most papers utilize formal theory or econometric methods. Grades will be based on the presentation and discussion of the papers in class and on a research paper.

Government 2114: The Political Economy of Development


Students will attend lectures of Social Analysis 52 and then meet as a separate seminar. The readings and discussion will focus on the political economy of agriculture and industrialization; of ethnicity and political conflict; and of state formation and political collapse.