Postdoctoral Fellows

Carol Chu, PhD

Army STARRS/Military Suicide Research Consortium Postdoctoral Fellow

Carol’s research is primarily focused on suicide risk prediction, particularly in the short term using longitudinal data and high-risk samples. Her work emphasizes social disconnection and sleep disruptions as suicide risk correlates. Carol received her B.S. in Psychology/Neuroscience from the University of British Columbia and her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Florida State University. She completed her clinical internship at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School. Carol is currently an Army STARRS/MSRC postdoctoral research fellow at Harvard University and a clinical researcher at McLean Hospital.


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Chelsey Wilks, PhD

Army STARRS/Military Suicide Research Consortium Postdoctoral Fellow

Chelsey’s research has focused on the ethics, implementation, and pitfalls of using technology to treat individuals at risk for suicide. To that end, she has partnered with experts in the field of computer science and human-computer interaction to better understand how technology can be used to understand and reduce suicide. Her postdoctoral fellowship through the Army STARRS/MSRC will focus on evaluating the impact and cost effectiveness of suicide intervention and prevention programs.