Sejong Awards

Attending the Sejong Awards oct 9 2017 made me cry. I was touched emotionally at deep the king created a language so his people (the majority, ignorant and poor) could express themselves and ask for justice and also to be proud and have an identify and not to be forced to use another language for that purpose

It made me think of how there are so many people groups and each group has different reality, language.  The diversity of languages is affection for the diversity of DNA…so important for the survival of our species …yet you find one dominating the other conquering..enslaving  trying to subdue or remove the other

Survival of the fittest but with tout the diversity this same concept (survival of the fittest) will kill itself. The competition keeps alive a motive verse quran (if people did not fight they would not survive)

 To survive so inherent in the inhumane approach of conquering is the demise of itself like biology the survival of diversity is very important. It is the driving force on the grand scale of things(time) it keeps popping up regardless to the amount of oppression it ipart of our DNA (the matrix, time movie, v for vendetta)

It made me think of the native Indians of the NA and SA of my Mexico experience of Palestine and Israel of south Africa dn apartheid of colonization of Africa of nations and modernity

The king sejong award for native tongue has such a deep meaning that I just realize it is the survival of a people…

Pride in our history in our civilization to celebrate the language the culture the people to understand history we must read ancient document read in Arabic to understand