Dr. Rana Participation In Family Forum

March 16, 2020

Over the course of three days, October 17, 18 and 19, 2019, Ghirass for Community Development, in partnership with IHH and the World Family Organization, held the 2nd Family Life Forum 2019 under entitled “Stories Narrated” in Istanbul, Turkey. In the participation of 600 personalities from around 40 countries around the world. The forum included seminars and workshops on the quality of life of the family in the light of conflict and war, and how to enhance, improve and develop the quality of life of these families, and transfer the experiences of communities that have succeeded in improving the quality of life of their communities. Participants reviewed several points between the concept of sustainability and the achievement of quality of life for families, especially those headed by women. The forum also held a series of workshops and art exhibitions on the greenhouses and obstacles facing women who are heads of household in their quest for security for their families.

The Forum concluded with a number of recommendations, the most important of which are:
• Emphasizing the importance of preserving the family as a focal point for the development of societies.
• The need to support female heads of family and support them in all aspects, economic, social and psychological.
• The need to continue the discussion on the themes of “feminization of poverty”, to end this phenomenon.
• Emphasis on the concept of “humanization of development”, and that man is the essence of the development process and its axis.
• Calling upon the media to take the hand of humanitarian action in the development of societies and improve the quality of life in them.
• To increase networking and cooperation among local, regional and international institutions and organizations in the processes of improving the quality of life.
• To include the concepts of quality of life in the projects and programs of charitable and humanitarian organizations and associations.
• Ensure that the mental health of working women is commensurate with the performance of her family role

There is a large group of people living in conflict zones in the Arab world, who lack the minimum elements of life, especially those headed by women. On the second day of the 2nd Family Life Forum 2019, the third seminar, “Story of Quality”, moderated by Algerian journalist Fatima Ben Ibrahim, discussed development as a process of progressive change to improve the quality of life of families in conflict zones in accordance with international conventions, and come up with future visions to ensure achieving quality of life in all its dimensions, through 4 papers.

The president of the world family organization
Dr. Deisi Kusztra

Where in the concluding session she mentioned the five scarves