My Teaching Philosophy:

My teaching philosophy stems from my experience as a student, which I still am.

The teaching process to me is an equal contribution by both teacher and student 

 “both are learning from each other” as Paulo Freire says in his book Pedagogy of the oppressed..  The teacher only serves to guide the student so that she/he can make their own observations, draw their own conclusions and analysis.  I also see a teacher as a mentor.  In my opinion, both roles are integrated and indistinguishable.  A mentor who is genuinely concerned listens to her students, because listening helps the person talking to understand herself and put things in perspective and one can only talk to someone he or she trusts and who will listen without judgment.   An important characteristic of a mentor is honesty in advising the student of the possibilities and facts. A teacher is the person who will tell you the truth no matter how difficult it is to help you overcome and face reality and go on.  This would help the student proceed in life knowing what to expect.  Also a mentor believes in her/his student, never belittles her/him or her/his ideas and always encourages anything the student may come up with.  That is the fertile ground for serendipity and creativity.  The fact that the student knows that someone believes in her will help her develop to her full potential and more. My motto is encouragement and to never think that a student is a lost case.  Just like Esme codell, a first grade teacher said: “It is not that you dont like to read, you have just not found the book you like”.  Similarly, never say a student is helpless, you have just not found the way to him/her.  Using a variety of techniques including auditory and visual etc. to stimulate all methods of input.  I believe no student is hopeless, It is the teacher who fails. The responsibility on the teachers shoulders is great, for she is helping prepare the next generation.  The most important product of humanity, our children, are being formed and molded by our teachers.  The teachers therefore must be the best.


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