2020-2023 We Love Reading coPI British academy Queen Mary University

 2020-2023 Rights for time coPI GCRF, UK

 2019-2020 Views of Key Stakeholders in the Middle East towards the collection, storage and use of Biological Samples for Biobanks and Genomic Research. Supplement NIH FIC co PI 2019-2022 Intergenerational trauma and epigenetics, University of Florida, Yale University NSF funded 250,000 USD CoPI

2019- 2020 Effects of early childhood trauma on the development of healthy interpersonal skills Waterloo Foundation Co PI

2018-2020 Negotiating Relationships and Redefining Traditions: Syrian and Iraqi Women Refugees in Jordan British Royal Society Award Reference: SDP2\100227 Co PI £282,568.39

 2018-2019 Local Community Experiences of and Responses to Conflict Induced Displacement from Syria: Views from Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey) AHRC-ESRC Project: AH/P005438/1 This study has been approved by the UCL Research Ethics Committee (Project ID): 9813/001

2018- Comparing circassian and chechan populations in two different environemtns. (research with Kazima from Russia 2017-2019 Genetics of ethnic populations: Circassians and Chechans (The Babraham Institute, Cambridge collaboration on mitochondrial DNA in Jordan with Dr Gavin Kelsey, The Epigenetics Programme;) 2017-2018 Effect of “We Love Reading” on mental cognition Research with Brown University. Professor Dima Amso

2017 -2018 Human migration, research with University of California Berkeley with Professor Rasmus Neilson Oct 2016 Empowerment of Jordanian women academics: reality, achievments, requirements and challenges coPI AJWA, Funded by 101,085 USD from MEPI grant

 2016-2018 Randomness and Providence Collaborator Kelly Clark Funded by John Templeton Foundation

2016-2018 Quality management systems, Received a grant from FHC360/USAID PI, 50,000 JD

 2016-2018 Conducting workshops for women scientists in Jordan, research with Harvard University Dana Farber Institute Professor Navid Madani

 2015-2020 The research ethics education program in Jordan: Train the next generation of researchers in the Middle East in public health research and responsible conduct of research through graduate level training and mentoring, mentor, funded by grant from NIH/FIC,

2015-2019 Effect of We Love Reading program on reading with comprehension in children in Jordan, RAMP/RTI PI Funded by $2,000,000 USD from USAID

2015-2018 Epigentics of trauma and youth student exchange, research with Harvard University Public health Professor Bernardo Lemos

2015-2017 Effect of We Love Reading program on reading attitudes of children and parents attitudes toward reading and school PI Funded by 1,500,000 USD from UNICEF

2015 – 2017 Science Teaching in Contemporary Islamic Societies, collaborator with the Institute of Islamic Studies at McGill, funded by partnership development grant from the Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Canada

 2015-2017 Measuring the health and wellbeing impacts of a scalable program of psychosocial intervention for refugee youth Collaboration with Catherine Panter Brick, Anthropology department, Yale University Funded by 295,131 Pounds from Welcome Trust R2HC

2015-2017 Mobility grant Erasmus plus with Vilnius University, Lithuania

2015-2016 Reading and Empathy PI, Funded by 65,000 USD from Fetzer Institute

2015- Epigenetic's of transgenerational trauma in three Syrian cohorts, co PI, Yale University, Hashemite University, Florida University

2014 -2016 US Embassy grant for JPAL/MIT workshop, 10,000 USD

2013- Identification of Genes of complex diseases in contiguous families using genomics and exome sequencing

2015- Collaboration with Richard Lifton, PhD, Genetics department, Yale University 2015 Quality Management Systems PI, Funded by grant of 15,000 JD from FHC360/USAID

2015 US embassy grant public office Mafraq library, PI, 6,500 JD

2014 Psychosocial status of women in the We Love Reading Programm, Yale University

2014- 2017 Received a grant from LitWorld, PI, 13,000 USD 2014 and 20,000 USD

 2014-2017 The PEER Award Jordan - Project 3-47: Three Circles of Alemat: creating collaborative multicultural networks for women in the sciences, PI: Rana Dajani, Jordan Society for Scientific Research 165,000 USD

2014 – 2015 Received a grant from Fetzer Institute, PI, 45,000 USD

 2014–2015 Muslim responses to Science’s big questions, collaborator, funded by John Templeton Foundation

2014 Reading and Empathy: studying the effect of reading on empathy in children Collaboration with University of Chicago Chile Neurosuite

2014 Eisenhower fellowship to research women in science challenges

2013-2015 Islam and Science: an educational approach, collaborator, funded by John Templeton Foundation

2013-2014 Reading and environmental awareness PI, Funded by 150,000 USD from Ecodit/USAID

2012-2013 A library in every neighbourhood Received a grant from Middle Eastern partnership initiative (MEPI), PI, 75,000$

 2011-2013 Polymorphisms of Clotting factors in genetically isolated populations in Jordan, funded by 3285 JD from Hashemite University

2011-2012 Creating stories for children from US literature Received grant from the USA public affairs section, 13,500 USD,

2010-2012 Developing Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Partnerships across the Curriculum, funded by 880,000 EU from EU from TEMPUS IV

2010 Identification of virulence factors in Cryptosporidium Joint member, Funded by 75,000 SEK from SIDA, Sweeden

2010-2012 Biodiesel Fuel Production in a Packed Bioreactor using Immobilized Lipase Enzyme Produced by Bacillus sp. Isolated from Raw Petrol Joint member Funded by 71,000 JD from Ministry of Higher Education, Jordan

2009-2012 Anthropological, epidemiological and genetic studies on genetically isolated populations in Jordan Funded by 60,000 JD from Higher council of science and technology, Jordan

 2009-2012 Genome wide association studies on a genetically isolated population (Chechans) in Jordan in order to identify novel risk factors for Type II diabetes Funded by 75,000 JD from Funded by King Hussein institute for biotechnology and cancer, Jordan

2009-2010 The incidence of complex diseases in genetically isolated populations in Jordan Funded by 5,000 JD from Hashemite University

 2006-2008 Common molecular markers between obesity and intrinsic asthma in humans, Funded by 7,000 JD from Hashemite University