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This is a repertory of local ecclesiastical legislation (in whole or in part) that survives from Latin Christendom between 1215-1500. Note that the Spanish entries are quite incomplete for those regions not yet covered by the Synodicon Hispanum; the reliability and thoroughness for other parts of Europe depends largely on the quality of existing repertories and editions (or absence thereof!). I have focused mainly on synodal statutes and provincial canons, but other scattered genres appear on occasion.

I am only too aware of the database's shortcomings, and I am continuing to update it based on further findings, so I very much welcome corrections and/or updates. If any of the abbreviations/short titles are unclear, just contact me and I'll be happy to provide full references.

The database is for public use; I ask only that the source be acknowledged in any research that draws on it.

NB: Thanks to a generous grant from the Milton Fund at Harvard University and further support from Stanford University, I am currently assembling a full-text searchable corpus of this material (with the help of a wonderful team of assistants!). Please contact me if you are interested in learning more or would like to be involved with the project.

[Database updated 22 February 2017]

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