Selected Conference & Workshop Papers

Sicut in generali concilio est statutum: Councils, Synods, and the Diffusion of Law in the later Middle Ages,” in Fifteenth International Congress of Medieval Canon Law (Paris, France), July 2016

“A Connected Sea? Trade and Travelers in the Medieval Adriatic,” in Rethinking the Adriatic: Movements of People and Goods, Middle Ages to the Present, University of Minnesota, May 2016

"A Heretical Perspective on Medieval Usury," American Society for Legal History Annual Meeting (Washington, D.C.), November 2015

“Moneylending Maggots: Foreign Usurers and the Rhetoric of Expulsion in the Late Middle Ages,” American Historical Association Annual Meeting (New York, NY), January 2015.

“’Varied are the opinions of the doctors’: Canon Law and the Expulsion of the Jews in the Late Middle Ages,” American Society for Legal History Annual Meeting: Workshop on Medieval Legal History (Denver, CO), November 2014.

“Princes, Prelates, and the Problem of Moneylending in Thirteenth-Century Western Europe,” in Institutions, Credit, and the State. The Third Annual History Project Conference, Yale University (New Haven, CT), October 2014.

“From Jew to Foreigner,” in Foreigners in the Deep Heart of Medieval and Early Modern Societies (Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Muslim World), European University Institute (Fiesole, Italy) June 2014.

“Theme & Variations: Canon Law and the Expulsion of the Jews in the Late Middle Ages,” in New England Historical Association: 2014 Spring Conference, Springfield College (Springfield, MA) April 2014.

“Canon Law and the Challenge of Usury in the Late Middle Ages,” in Finance in Religious Law. A Comparative Conference: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Harvard Law School (Cambridge, MA) December 2013.

“L’expulsion des usuriers hors de France à la fin du xiiie siècle,” Journée d’études: Les  mobilités contraintes, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (Paris, France), March 2013.

“Expelling Usurers in Late Medieval Europe,” Medieval Structures of Power: Graduate Conference in Medieval Studies, Princeton University (Princeton, NJ) April 2012.

“L’espulsione dalla città dalla tarda antichità alla fine del Medioevo,” Seminar on “Storia delle città” (dir. Maria Giuseppina Muzzarelli), Università di Bologna (Bologna, Italy) December 2011.

“Les activités économiques des familles vénitiennes dans l’Adriatique, xiie et xiiie siècles,” Réseaux familiaux à la fin de l’Antiquité et au Moyen Age, in memoriam A. Laiou et E. Patlagean (Paris, France) November 2010.

“Of Commerce and Coattails: Third-Party Institutions in Twelfth and Thirteenth-Century Mediterranean Trade,” Negotiating Trade: Commercial Institutions and Cross-Cultural Exchange in the Medieval and Early Modern World, Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, SUNY Binghamton (Binghamton, NY) September 2010.

“Tolls and  Triumphs: Strategic Taxation and the Expansion of Empire in the Late Roman Republic,” Center for History and Economics Graduate Workshop, Harvard University (Cambridge, MA) February 2010.

“Failure to Launch: Savonese Trade in the Mediterranean, 1100-1250,” Center for History and Economics Graduate Workshop, Harvard University (Cambridge, MA) February 2009.

“A Muslim Merchant on a Christian Throne?” Central Medieval Postgraduate Workshop, Cambridge University (Cambridge, UK) January 2008.