Works in Progress

Structural Medicine: From Apartheid to Abolition and Accompaniment

Monograph under contract 

Subversivity: Racial Overdetermination, Psychiatric Rationality, Aesthetic Suspension 

Monograph in progress

Accompaniment: Being with the Other

Monograph in progress

"A Program of 'Complete Disorder': Fanon, Psychosis, and the Other"


"The Death of the Clinic: A Genealogy of American Documentality and Medical Care”

Under revision for submission to Cultural Anthropology

"The Social Life of Loneliness"

Under review

"Carceral-Community Epidemiology: A Systematic Review of Incarceration and Community Health"

In preparation

“Patients for Purchase: The Effects of Pharmaceutical Company Payments to Physicians on Prescribing and Patient Outcomes”

with Chen D. In preparation (supported by European Research Council and Russell Sage Foundation)

“Malpractice Risk and Treatment Choices: Evaluating Legal Cases with CMS Microdata”

with Chen D and Ash E. In preparation 

“The Social Life of Psychiatric Epistemology: A Multinational Natural Experiment of the Effects of ICD-10 Adoption on Criminal Law, Suicide, Diagnosis, and Pharmaceutical Use”

with Chen D. In preparation 

“Self-Corrosion of Law: Effects of Criminal Punishment Exposure on Perceptions of Law’s Legitimacy”

with Chen D. 

“The Prejudices of Economic Ideology: The Exacerbation of Racial and Gender Inequalities by Economics Training for Judges, A Natural Experiment”

with Chen D. In preparation

"The Relationality of Judgement: Social Dynamics of Opinion-Formation in U.S. Courts of Appeals"

with Chen D. In preparation

“The Relativity of Racial Perception: Color Contrast Effects in Refugee Courts”

with Chen D. In preparation 

“Protest and Political Accountability: The Electoral Effects of Protest Rights and Rates”

with Chen D. In preparation 

“How Prosecutors Exacerbate Racial Disparities”

with Chen D. In preparation 

“The Legal Reproduction of Racism: Determinants of Sentencing Disparities”

with Chen D. In preparation

“Social Contagion and Political Ideology: Evidence from Randomized Exposure in the U.S. Courts of Appeals”

with Chen D. In preparation