Psychoanalytic Clinic

I have native fluency in English and American Sign Language, and I work with both hearing and Deaf individuals. I am especially focused on working with those who have experienced incarceration, solitary confinement, war, and domestic violence; who have been diagnosed with 'functional neurologic disorders;' and who are engaged in the work of art in any medium. I hold sessions via telephone and/or video connections. Fees are subject to a sliding scale based on each person's available resources and are determined in the initial sessions. What follows below is a general outline of my approach to psychoanalytic work.

Unlike psychiatry or psychology, which are guided by commitments to functionality, normality, and 'helping' patients fit into dominant systems and values, psychoanalysis is not guided by ideas of normal/abnormal or healthy/unhealthy. It is instead oriented around the question of each individual's unique way of desiring and enjoying: What and how is it that you want? Where does your desire come from? Is it your own, or shaped by another? Why do we so often get in the way of what we think it is we want for ourselves and for those we claim to love? Can we allow ourseles to create and enjoy more fully, and to let others be and enjoy in their own distinct ways?

Every theoretical tradition enables additional ways of seeing and hearing towards the work of loosening the hold of old habits and inherited contraints, creative invention, making relationships, and realizing each person's fullest life possibilities. At the same time, rigorous grounding in core theoretical frameworks is indispensable in order to be able to work with necessary structural analyses, conceptual organizations, and to give a direction to treatment. Without rigor in clinical practice, one risks promoting endless repetitions through false promises of insight and understanding.

My clinical practice thus takes its orientation from the work of Sigmund Freud and Jacques Lacan. A clinic should be guided by its patients and the shifting cultural, political, and historical contexts of their lives. It should not by dictated by supposed masters, dogmatic loyalties, or hierarchies. With this in mind, I draw also from traditions associated with Melanie Klein, Wilfred Bion, Frantz Fanon, Donald Winnicott, Jean Laplanche, Jacques-Alain Miller, Christopher Bollas, Colette Soler, and Willy Apollon, among others. Furthermore, within a paradigm that understands psychoanalysis as rooted in foundational insights from Freud while also constantly responsive to our ever-changing contexts, my practice is additionally informed by my work in the anthropology of the body and disability; critical race and postcolonial theory; political economy; feminist, queer, and trans theory; and the philosophy of aesthetics and language.

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