Public Writing

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"Abolitional Public Health" Revise and resubmit

"The Afterlives of Abuse Behind Bars – Public Health Policy for National Reparation" Revise and resubmit

"The Care of Justice – For a National Decarceration Program" Under review

Aesthetic and Political Anthropology
“Aesthetics for Hypochondriacs: Kantian Time and Self-Soothing Philosophy" Forthcoming in Problemi International

"Unbecoming Subjects: Psychiatry, Race, and Disordering the Human” in Ordering the Human: Global Science and Racial Reason edited by Dorothy Roberts and Eram Alam. Columbia University Press. Forthcoming

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"Our Fascist Fantasies, or Politics Beyond Reason" Under review

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"Medicine and Ideology" Under review

"Revolutionary Medicine? A Genealogy of Power in Medical Anthropology and Global Health" Under review

Critical Legal Studies and Political Economy

The Disavowal of Decisionism and the Rise of Juristocracy: Political Motivation in the U.S. Federal Judiciary, 1802–2019 with Chen D. Revise & resubmit

Markets and Morality: How Markets Shape Our (Dis)Regard for Others” with Chen D. Revise and resubmit

"The Judicial Superego: Evidence of Implicit Egoism, Internalized Racism, and Magical Thinking in 9 Million Sentencing Decisions" with Chen D. and Haijdini S. Under review [prior version]

"Machine Prediction of Political Polarization from Circuit Court Judgements" with Lu W. and Chen D. Under review