Selected Opinion Pieces:

The devil is in the details: The successes and limitations of bureaucratic reform (with Iqbal Dhaliwal and Rebecca Toole) in Ideas for India, December 2016.

Improved cooking stoves in India: Evaluating long-run impacts (with Esther Duflo, Michael Greenstone, and Claire Walsh) in Ideas for India, July 2016.

Forschungslücke (with Alexandra Spitz-Oener and Rajshri Jayaraman) in Sueddeutsche Zeitung, July 2016.

Strengthening safety nets for the poor (with Benjamin Olken) in Jakarta Post, January 12, 2016.

Commentary: Cash Transfers to Indonesia's Poor Don't Discourage Work (with Benjamin Olken) in Jakarta Globe, October 31, 2015.

Has Environmental Regulation Been Successful in India? (with Michael Greenstone) in Ideas for India, July 2012.

Clean Cookstoves Must be Rethought so They Actually Get Used in Developing World (with Esther Duflo, Michael Greenstone, and Radha Muthiah), in National Geographic News Watch, June 2012.

Impact Evaluation in Practice (book review) in Journal of Economic Literature, September 2011.

Do teachers discriminate against minorities in India? (with Leigh Linden) in Vox, September 2009.

When Things Fall Apart (book review) in Journal of Economic Literature, June 2009.

Can improved stoves improve health? in Indian Express, May 12, 2009.

Reservations: Gains at a Cost; (with Marianne Bertrand, Sendhil Mullainathan, and Sudha Krishnan) in Mint (Wall Street Journal, India), April 14, 2008.


Recent Media:

Debunking the Stereotype of the Lazy Welfare Recipient: Evidence from Cash Transfer Programs Worldwide: Featured in The New York Times (10/15)

Up in Smoke: The Long Run Impacts of Improved Cooking Stoves: Featured in numerous venues including Foreign Policy, (9/12), Forbes India (7/12), Hindustan Times (7/12), Bloomberg Views (5/12), The Washington Post (4/12), The Economist (4/12), New York Times India Ink (4/12), Boston Globe (4/12), Center for Global Development: Views from the Center (4/12), Washington Post (4/12), Nature (5/14), Nature Editorial (5/14), The Washington Post (10/15)

Information is Power: Identification Cards and Food Subsidy Programs in Indonesia: Featured in The Economist (12/13)

Dishonesty and Selection into Public Service in India: Featured in over 20 venues including Bloomberg (11/13), LA Times (11/13), Times of India (11/13), The Telegraph (11/13), Slate Magazine Blog (11/13)

Ordeal Mechanisms in Targeting: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Indonesia: Featured in the World Bank Development Impact Blog (7/13)

South East Asia Launch Event: Featured in a variety of print and televised sources, including The Jakarta Post, (7/13) and The Jakarta Globe (7/13)

Environmental Regulations, Air and Water Pollution, and Infant Mortality in India: Featured in: New York Times India Ink (11/11), Rediff (9/12), Business Daily of the BBC (12/11)

Targeting the Poor: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Indonesia: Featured in Handelsblatt (1/12)

Incentives Work: Getting Teachers to Come to School: Featured in numerous news outlets including New York Times Opinionator (1/12), Slate Magazine (1/08), The Times of India (1/06), The Telegraph (1/06), The Economist (7/05), The Indian Express (3/04), Forbes (6/06), New York Times (12/10), The Washington Times (7/09), Boston Review (3/07), Boston Globe (7/06)

Affirmative Action: Evidence from College Admissions in India: Featured in Business Standard (4/08), Business Standard (4/08)

Deal with the Devil: Experimental Evidence on Bureaucratic Reform in India: Featured in India Blooms (12/11), Hindustan Times (12/11)

Discrimination in GradingEducation Week (11/09)

Obtaining a Driving License in India: An Experimental Approach to Studying Corruption: Featured in NPR (4/10), Los Angeles Times (9/06), Slate (6/06), Indian Express (10/06), Economic Times (2/08), Here and Now (WBUR, 11/10)


Audio & Video:

Interview with KABC Talk Radio about Dishonesty and Selection into Public Service paper.

TV ad from the national scale-up of Indonesia social protection cards, featuring community-based targeting as studied in Targeting the Poor: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Indonesia. Bahasa, Indonesia.