Renzo in Harvard

A Filipino physician with broad interests in global health and sustainable development, Dr. Renzo Guinto is a third-year Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) candidate at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. He was gifted with a broad array of skills that are essential in reimagining health in the 21st century – from global perspective and effective communication, to strategic thinking and network-building. His experience spans a wide breadth of the public health realm – from universal health care, medical education, and migrant health, to global health diplomacy, noncommunicable diseases, and climate change & energy policy.

His work has always been at the nexus of diverse issue areas, fields, and sectors, as he understands that transformative ideas and big solutions emerge when several disciplines and approaches collide. He has a deep passion for health justice, and firmly believes that today’s health inequalities and threats can be addressed through effective governance and accountable institutions; entrepreneurship and innovation; design- and systems-thinking; tri-sector collaboration among government, industry, and civil society; and an unwavering commitment to the right to health.

While in Harvard, Renzo hopes to further develop his capacity for synthetic thinking and enhance his leadership and technical toolkit by drawing from multiple disciplines such as epidemiology, economics, political science, ethics, social sciences, environmental science, implementation science, business, public policy, management, and international relations. After studying in Harvard, Renzo hopes to apply the art and science of knowledge translation in leading complex organizations, developing innovative strategies, and implementing practical solutions to pressing global health challenges in the era of sustainable development and planetary health. Find out more about Renzo.