At SUTD, I teach a course on Satan and His Afterlives, which explores literary representations of Satan from his earliest mentions in the Abrahamic scriptural texts up through the contemporary novel, with significant attention given to Milton's Paradise Lost. I also teach a Global Shakespeares course designed in conjunction with MIT, in which students read Shakespeare's original texts alongside Asian adaptations of Shakespeare's plays. Additionally, I teach in SUTD's team-taught humanities core course World Texts and Interpretations, which explores questions about identity, community, and culture through foundational texts from both the Eastern and Western literary traditions. In my newest elective Lyric Poetry, we read 500 years of the lyric form, from Petrarch to Donne to contemporary Singaporean poets. For more about my lyric elective, see my teaching blurb "Reading Sonnets in Singapore."

From June through August 2016, I led a six-week interdisciplinary course through the University of Chicago with units on culture and civilization, Mandarin language immersion, and clean energy technology based in Beijing, Hangzhou, and Shanghai.

At Harvard, I taught courses on Shakespeare’s drama and Renaissance literature, a survey course in English literature from Beowulf to Milton, and the science fiction novel.