I am interested in the design and evaluation of technology for diagnosing, assisting, and rehabilitating functional human movement. In recent years, technology and state-of-the-art engineering techniques have driven the success of wearable robotic devices (exoskeletons/exosuits) in demonstrating the ability to augment or improve human movement. However, technology is only a part of the whole system. For wearable robotics to provide discernable value in ‘real-world’ environments, they must coordinate with the user.


My research takes multi-tiered approach towards understanding and improving functional human movement by addressing three parallel and interconnected research paths. My goal for this work is to translate technology into meaningful real-world use.


  1. Development and implementation of new wearable sensing and assistive technologies,
  2. Fundamental and applied neuromechanics of human movement and human-robot interaction,
  3. Implementation of wearable technologies and assistive devices in salient environments and tasks.