Racial Innocence has been assigned in graduate and undergraduate courses American Studies, Theatre/Performance Studies, African American Studies, and Childhood/Children's Literature Studies.  Here are some links to sample syllabi.

American Studies (and related fields)

Meredith A. Bak, "Media and Modern Childhood," Brown University

Holly Jackson, "19th-Century American Literature: Family, Nation, Narrative," University of Massachusetts--Boston

Emily Mattingly, "Age in American Literature and Culture," University of California at Riverside

Lyra D. Monteiro, "Race and Identity in the Early United States," Rutgers University

Malgorzata Rymsza-Pawlowska, "American Popular Culture," Brown University

Theatre and Performance Studies

African American Studies

Childhood Studies and Children's Literature

Kenneth Kidd, "Childhood Studies," University of Florida

Julia Mickenberg, "Childhood Studies," University of Texas at Austin

Philip Nel, "Critical Approaches to Children's Literature," Kansas State University