Emotional Meta-Memories: A Review


Fairfield, B., Mammarella, N., Palumbo, R., & Di Domenico, A. (2015). Emotional Meta-Memories: A Review. Brain Sciences , 5 (4), 509-520.


Emotional meta-memory can be defined as the knowledge people have about the
strategies and monitoring processes that they can use to remember their emotionally
charged memories. Although meta-memory per se has been studied in many cognitive
laboratories for many years, fewer studies have explicitly focused on meta-memory for
emotionally charged or valenced information. In this brief review, we analyzed a series of
behavioral and neuroimaging studies that used different meta-memory tasks with valenced
information in order to foster new research in this direction, especially in terms of
commonalities/peculiarities of the emotion and meta-memory interaction. In addition,
results further support meta-cognitive models that take emotional factors into account
when defining meta-memory per se.

Last updated on 03/23/2016