The Curse of Cash—Data

This page contains links to data for figures and tables in The Curse of Cash, by Kenneth Rogoff, Princeton University Press, 2016.

Preface (No data)

Chapter 1 (No data)

Chapter 2
Figure 2.1: Paper money printing and rice price in the Yuan dynasty
Table 2.1: Selected peak debasement years for European coinage, 1300–1812 (See source notes in book.)

Chapter 3
Figure 3.1: US currency/GDP, 1948–2015
Figure 3.2: Euro currency/GDP
Figure 3.3: Japanese currency/GDP
Figure 3.4: Currency-to-GDP ratio, 2015
Figure 3.5: Share of largest banknote in total currency supply
Figure 3.6: Local currency per capita in US dollars
Figure 3.7: Foreign holdings of US currency (in billions of dollars)
Figure 3.8: Currency to GDP in 1995, advanced economies
Table 3.1: Proportion of large notes in circulation, by country

Chapter 4
Figure 4.1: Payments by instrument type
Figure 4.2: Payments per dollar amount per consumer
Table 4.1: Average cash balances in wallet (See source notes in book.)
Table 4.2: Percentage of respondents always (or often) using cash for different kinds of purchases, by country (See source notes in book.)

Chapter 5
Figure 5.1: Underground economy as percentage of official GDP
Table 5.1: Restrictions on the use of cash in the Eurozone (See source notes in book.)

Chapter 6
Figure 6.1: Seigniorage revenue/GDP, 2006–2015 average

Chapter 7
Figure 7.1: Sweden: Banknotes and coins in circulation (billion kronor)
Figure 7.2: Declining total demand for large notes in Sweden (value in billion kronor)

Chapter 8
Figure 8.1: UK policy rate, 1930–present
Figure 8.2: New York Federal Reserve discount rate, 1929–1939
Figure 8.3: US and UK market rates, 1929–1939
Figure 8.4: 2000-2015 Policy interest rates for the Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, and the Bank of England
Figure 8.5: Ten-year treasury inflation-indexed security, constant maturity
Table 8.1: Central bank discount rate cuts in response to two crises (See source notes in book.)

Chapter 9 (No data) 

Chapter 10 (No data)

Chapter 11 (No data)

Chapter 12
Table 12.1: Cumulative change in the currency's value versus the US dollar, January 1970–December 2001 (See source notes in book.)

Chapter 13 (No data)

Chapter 14
Figure 14.1: Market price of bitcoins (US dollars)
Figure 14.2: Real gold price (US dollars)

Final Thoughts (No data)

Appendix (No data)