Rory Gerberg: Helping Organizations Prevent Workplace Sexual Harassment and Build More Inclusive Cultures 


Rory Gerberg is a Nationally recognized expert who consults and trains on workplace sexual harassment prevention, as well as the challenges of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Organizations call on her after incidents of harassment to implement initiatives and to deliver compliance training. These engagements prompt meaningful changes in attitudes, skills, management behavior, and leadership practices that improve organizational performance. 

Rory specializes in helping three types of clients:  

  • Mission-driven organizations looking to build inclusive cultures

  • Small forward-looking non-profits seeking to live their values

  • Mid-sized technology companies working to create an environment that fosters women’s mentorship and advancement in the face of ‘bro culture’

Managers and individual contributors typically face challenges including: 

  • Understanding ‘appropriate’ socializing and team bonding behavior. Employees don’t know what's appropriate around personal sharing, hugging, compliments, and office romance, and might cross the line at happy hours and company retreats. 

  • Navigating power dynamics. Employees fail to alter their behavior when they hold power because they don’t realize how their job responsibilities create a coercive power dynamic with other employees or external third parties. 

  • Establishing and maintaining team norms. Work groups aren’t comfortable having team norms conversations, and 'checking in' when norms are violated.


Rory’s Expertise: Recognized Nationally 

Rory’s expertise and experience has been applied and recognized in many ways:

  • Awarded Harvard's Holly Taylor Sargent Award for Women’s Advancement (2015) for work on sexual harassment and assault at Harvard University. Awarded Adrienne Hall Fellowship at the Harvard Kennedy School Women in Public Policy Program, where she developed an interactive training module and facilitator manual on sexual harassment and assault.

  • Published Op-Eds in the Boston Globe and Harvard Kennedy School Review, and was featured in the New York Times, Associated Press, NPR, and CBS This Morning

  • Consulted on diversity, equity, and inclusion including through DEI audits; 3-year DEI Strategies; inclusive hiring and interviewing training and consulting; inclusive culture training; and the development of employee handbooks.

  • Worked in Peru, Colombia, and Guatemala on post-conflict policies, programs, and practices to address sexual violence and promote gender equity.

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