Tackling sexual harassment is no small challenge. It requires us all to acquire knowledge and develop new skills and capacities. Rory's workshops support individuals in doing just that. All workshops are tailored to the specific needs and objectives of organizations and workshop participants. 

Creating respectful workplaces: Organizational leadership. Organizations from small startups to large companies face the challenge of tackling sexual harassment. This workshop covers the basics of what you need to know to be a leader in your organization on sexual harassment prevention and response. We’ll cover: essential workplace policies; the promise and limitations of employee training programs; your role as an organizational leader; and the resistance you’ll likely to encounter on an organizational and interpersonal level, and how to overcome it.

Creating respectful workplaces: Individual action. Sexual harassment is complex, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated. This workshop helps you understand inappropriate and uncomfortable workplace behavior, and build new tools to respond when you see it. We’ll cover: what sexual harassment is; empirical data about occurance rates and reporting; situational factors that increase the likelihood that sexual harassment will occur; and how to prevent it and respond when you’re a target or witness.

Sexual harassment is personal: Your neurobiological response. Sexual harassment in the workplace is difficult to respond to – you were never taught how. When you face an instance of inappropriate behavior, it can trigger a cognitive and physiological response of fight, flight, or freeze. This workshop helps you understand your default responses in the moment, and practice new ways of communicating your boundaries while also maintaining solid relationships. We’ll cover: the deep neurobiological responses to sexual harassment; the impact of your personal history on the present; and how to build resilience and increase your capacity to respond to sexual harassment.

Managing sexual harassment: Abiding by the law (and more). Under California law, every two years, organizations with 50+ employees must provide sexual harassment training for managers. But most standard 'check-in-the-box’ training is ineffective (and a waste of time and money). While such training might help organizations avoid lawsuits, it doesn't keep them out of the headlines. This is because even when managers understand their obligations, cognitive biases often get in the way of action. We take a unique approach to state-mandated sexual harassment training: we integrate empirical data and neuroscience to overcome managers' behavioral roadblocks, turning legal “shoulds” into active “dos”. Our interactive, in-person training program goes beyond legal compliance; it equips managers with the knowledge and skills to confidently translate "legalese" into appropriate and effective action.