About Me

Ed. M., Harvard Graduate School of Education, 2018                                                                 

B. A., Wellesley College, 2014

My research interests lie in the intersection between language, literacy, and technology. The presence of technology in children’s lives continues to grow and yet we know little as to how it impacts children’s development at home and at school. More specifically, I wish to understand how technology, such as e-readers, is shaping children’s literacy and language development. This research would help parents and practitioners make better decisions regarding how, when, and where to use technological devices especially in disadvantaged communities. My ultimate goal is to find tools that can help children be better prepared for grade school and close the various educational gaps found in the US today. Prior to graduate school, I worked as a lab manager and research assistant at the Harvard Lab for Developmental studies. I conducted several studies that explored the training of children’s intuitive numerical and spatial abilities, with the goal of creating fun games that could help children mathematical abilities in underserved communities. I have also worked on projects that focused on understanding the role of bilingualism in children's executive function and social skills.

I am affiliated with the Saul Zaentz Early Education Initiative where I am a Research Assistant in the Early Learning Study at Harvard, and Reach Every Reader where I conduct work in the Pre-K Home and Family Engagement strand.