Rosemary Feal, executive director emerita of the Modern Language Association (MLA), brings fifteen years of executive leadership in the not-for-profit sector to her consulting and coaching practice. Specializing in higher education and organizations with scholarly and artistic missions, Rosemary builds on her decades of experience as a distinguished professor in the humanities and a scholar who writes for both a specialized audience and a general public.


In her coaching practice, Rosemary works with executive directors, boards, and university professors and administrators. She takes the time to explore the unique goals, hopes, and expectations that each individual or institution imagines as they enter into the coaching engagement, and she builds in assessment and accountability with each partnership. Rosemary’s coaching clients call her “intuitive,” “wicked smart,” “thoughtful,” and, much to her joy, one professor commented that her sense of humor made the coaching sessions “unexpectedly fun.”


Rosemary is currently open to new clients, consultations, coaching, and mentoring. If you wish to contact Rosemary, please do so by sending an email to or