Ryan is a postdoctoral research fellow jointly mentored by Drs. Eli Van Allen, Sasha Gusev, and Kevin Haigis at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and The Broad Institute. He completed his Ph.D. in genomics in 2022 at Harvard Medical School as part of Dr. Michael Talkowski's lab at Massachusetts General Hospital.

His research focuses on the structure and contents of the human genome, and how changes to genome structure/content contribute to human diversity and disease. He has led and contributed to numerous large-scale sequencing studies, such as the Genome Aggregation Database (gnomAD), one of the most widely adopted reference catalogs of human genetic variation in the world.

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Structure Meets Function (Blog)

Three thoughts on human genomics in the year 2021

We recently posted a medRxiv preprint on our large-scale data aggregation efforts for rare copy-number variants (rCNVs) across human diseases and disorders.

It's hard to believe, but this study actually started over five years ago as a final project in MIT's Quantitatve Genomics course co-taught by Profs. Leonid Mirny and Shamil Sunyaev during my first semester as a PhD student back in the fall...

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