Bio and CV

I study how people in complex real-world situations make difficult moral decisions and pursue what they consider to be moral action. My goal is to understand the organizational and contextual factors that shape shared understandings of right and wrong and influence both individual and collective behavior. I approach these questions from a sociological perspective, and I focus especially on the role played by culture and emotion. As an experienced manager, global health practitioner, and social entrepreneur, I have a particular interest in healthcare organizations, public sector organizations, and organizations in the developing world.

Empirically, I use a combination of in-depth qualitative field research and visual and textual archival data to examine moral action at multiple levels of analysis. Through observation and interviews, I aim to capture the lived experience of individuals and groups within organizations. By collecting and analyzing data from online forums and offline archives and using both qualitative coding and automated textual analysis, I examine how people mobilize collectively to address pressing social issues, redress perceived injustices, or pursue institutional change.

You can see a recent copy of my CV here.