Developing and Validating a Food-Based Global Diet Quality Score


Sabri Bromage, Walter C. Willett, and Megan Deitchler. 10/21/2021. “Developing and Validating a Food-Based Global Diet Quality Score.” In Nutrient Profiling: Designing a Healthier Future for Global Benefit, Pp. 58-61. Basel, Switzerland: Sight and Life. Publisher's Version
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In contrast to nutrient pro!ling models that evaluate the overall nutritional value of individual foods, food-based diet quality metrics attempt to characterize the collective contribution of foods to health. The two approaches are complementary means of providing a quantitative basis upon which to develop programmatic guidance for improving population diets. In this article, we describe a novel food-based metric of diet quality for global use, and key takeaways of our research to develop and evaluate this metric.
Last updated on 11/04/2021