Global Diet Quality Score (GDQS)

The GDQS is a novel food-based metric of diet quality developed by a team of international investigators and collaborators analyzing cross-sectional and cohort datasets from around the world.
Learn about the GDQS
Journal of Nutrition Supplemental Issue (October 23, 2021): "The Global Diet Quality Score (GDQS): A New Method to Collect and Analyze Population-Based Data on Diet Quality". Download the complete supplement as a single PDF here.
Data Collection Options and Tabulation Guidance (April 8, 2021). This technical brief provides an overview of options for collecting GDQS data and scoring the GDQS in analysis of existing 24-hour recall or food-frequency questionnaire data.
Launch Event (February 23, 2021). This event included presentations detailing the construction and utility of the final developed metric, results of metric performance, a novel app-based system for collecting GDQS data as part of population-based surveys, and a Q&A period.
Stakeholder Meeting (September 1, 2020). This meeting included presentations detailing the methods used to develop the GDQS, preliminary results of GDQS performance, and an opportunity for international stakhoelders to provide feedback to inform next steps in the research.