Teaching at Harvard

Primary Instructor

Sophomore Tutorial: Discrimination, 2016 and 2018

Instructional Styles in Philosophy, co-taught with Professor Bernhard Nickel, 2018–2019

Graduate Seminar in General Education: Family and Social Justice, co-taught with Professor Gina Schouten, 2018

Intelligent Systems: Design and Ethical Challenges, co-taught with Professor Barbara Grosz, 2016

Teaching Fellow

Negotiation Workshop at Harvard Law School, Professor Sheila Heen, 2016

Race and Social Justice, Professor Tommie Shelby, 2015

Philosophy of Law, Professor Adam Hosein, 2015

Deductive Logic, Professor Mark Richard, 2014 (Head Teaching Fellow)

Deductive Logic, Professor Edward Hall, 2013

Invited guest lectures






Lecture Topic

Barnard College

Simona Aimar


Introduction to Philosophy


Mill’s Utilitarianism

Bowdoin College

Emily Clough

GOV 2443/ASNS 2871

Philanthropy, NGOs, and the Welfare State in Asia


The grounds of philanthropic obligations: Singer’s pond and Cohen’s rich egalitarian 

University of Southern California

Milind Tambe and Eric Rice

CSCI 599

Artificial Intelligence for Social Good


Algorithmic Discrimination

Swarthmore College

Krista Thomason and Ameet Soni

FYS 007

Ethics and Technology


Identifying ethical considerations: a case study on Google Duplex

Other teaching appointments

PIKSI-Boston 2019  (one-week intensive summer program for undergraduates belonging to underrepresented groups)

Teaching assistant, mentor, instructor for module on algorithmic discrimination

ThinkerAnalytix (teaching High School students at Codman Academy)

6 two-hour modules on topics such as "Epistemic Obligations, "Ideology, Ignorance and Culpability," and "Permission, Obligation and Supererogation."

Philosophy for Kids (teaching elementary school students at the International School of Boston)

6 meetings exploring philosophical themes from picture books including Lionni's Frederick, Seuss's The Lorax and Silverstein's The Giving Tree.