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Department of Philosophy
Emerson Hall 209a, Harvard University
25 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA 02138



Harvard University, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Philosophy, May 2020 (anticipated)

Harvard Law School, J.D., magna cum laude, 2014

The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Visiting Fellow 2008–2009

Swarthmore College, B.A. Philosophy and Linguistics, highest honors, 2008


DISSERTATION: “Political Etiquette”

Committee: Tommie Shelby, Gina Schouten, Lucas Stanczyk

Short Abstract:

Some social norms, such as table-setting conventions, are morally neutral. Others, such as pronoun choice, are morally charged. My dissertation offers an analysis of a category of morally significant social norms that I call political etiquette. I propose that we understand political etiquette as a system of conventions whereby we assure members of vulnerable groups that they can expect treatment in accordance with their rightful status. My account partially vindicates political etiquette’s claim to moral force, but also sheds light on its limitations. I argue that some of these limitations can be ameliorated through widespread acceptance of my interpretation of political etiquette.

Areas of Specialization:

Political Philosophy, Moral Philosophy, Social Philosophy, Applied Ethics

Areas of Competence:

Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Race, Feminist Philosophy, Logic



“Political Etiquette’s Moral Force”                     (under review; draft available upon request)

Assurance and the Optics of Respect

Political Etiquette as a Vehicle for Moral Education

Dysfunctions of Political Etiquette

You Shouldn’t Have to Wonder

Moral Cults”



Recent Case, Yonaty v. Mincolla, 126 Harv. L. Rev. 852, 856–58 (2013). Available here.           (student note)



Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Harvard GSAS Dissertation Completion Fellowship, 2019–2020
Edmond J. Safra Ethics Pedagogy Fellowship, 2018–2019
Richard M. Martin Pre-Dissertation Fellowship, 2017–2018
Edmond J. Safra Graduate Fellowship in Ethics, 2016–2017
Roger Ferguson and Annette Nazareth Graduate School Fund Fellowship, 2015–2016
Sosland Family Graduate Fellowship, Harvard University, 2011–2012
Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Fellowship, 2009–2011

Harvard Law School

Harvard Law Review editor, 2012–2014

Dean’s Scholar Prizes in:

Civil Procedure, 2011
Legislation and Regulation, 2011
Race Relations Law: 1776–1876, 2012
Race Relations Law: 1877–present, 2013
Discrimination: Theoretical and Comparative Perspectives, 2013
Professional Ethics, 2014

Harvard Defenders Jack T. Litman Fellowship, 2012

Hebrew University in Jerusalem

Fulbright Fellowship, 2008–2009

Swarthmore College

Highest Honors, 2008

Philosophy Honors Thesis: “The Norms of Framing”
Linguistics Honors Thesis: “Intentions and Truth: The Case for Contextualism”

Phi Beta Kappa, elected May 2008
Summer Stipend Award in the Division of the Humanities, 2007
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Fellowship, 2006
Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship, 2004–2008


“Algorithmic Discrimination”

PIKSI (Philosophy in an Inclusive Key) Boston Workshop, MIT, 2019

“Embedding Ethics”

Edmond J. Safra Center Ethics Pedagogy Showcase, Harvard University, 2019

“Comments on Algorithmic Bias by Gabbrielle Johnson,”

Athena in Action, Princeton, 2018

“Free Speech, Hate Speech” with Wendy Salkin

Day of Engagement / Day of Action, MIT, 2017

“Machine Learning and Discrimination” with Kate Vredenburgh

Day of Engagement / Day of Action, MIT, 2017

“Social Justice Mores: Epistemic Functions and Dysfunctions”

The Wellesley Workshop on Law and Language, Wellesley, 2017
Workshop on Gender and Philosophy, MIT, 2015

“The Workshop Workshop: a Novel Structure for Tutorials in Philosophy”

Philosophy Department Pedagogy Sequence, Harvard University, 2016

“Bias, Discrimination and Social Evidence”

CUNY Graduate Center MAPshop, CUNY, 2016

“Self-Interest and the Problem of Ideological Persistence”

Graduate Student Conference on Normativity and the Human Sciences, CUNY, 2015
University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie-Mellon University Graduate Student Philosophy Conference on Varieties of Rationality, CMU, 2015
Workshop on Gender and Philosophy, MIT, 2011

“Color-Consciousness and its Limits”

Law and Philosophy Graduate Conference, UCLA, 2013

“Disagreement, Convergence and Realism”

2nd Annual Graduate Conference in Analytic Philosophy, Hebrew University, 2013

“Assistance or Resistance?: Ethics in the Defender’s Role”

Harvard Defenders’ Litman Fellow Symposium, Harvard Law School, 2012

“Racism, Ignorance, and Culpability”

25th Annual Graduate Conference on Strategies of Critique, York University, 2011
Rocky Mountain Graduate Philosophy Conference, University of Colorado, 2011

Genealogy and the Pregnant Metaphor

12th Annual Comparative Literature Conference on Bodies, University of South Carolina, 2010



Derek C. Bok Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Undergraduates, Spring 2015

Harvard’s highest honor for graduate student teachers, awarded to five teachers per year across the university.

Levenson Teaching Prize finalist, Spring 2015

Awarded by the undergraduate student council to one graduate student teacher per year across the university.

Derek Bok Center Certificate of Distinction in Teaching, five-time recipient

Awarded on the basis of numeric student evaluations, recognizing an overall evaluation of 4.5/5 or greater.

  • Discrimination (awarded twice)
  • Deductive Logic (awarded twice)
  • Race and Social Justice


Harvard University, Primary Instructor

  • Sophomore Tutorial: Discrimination, 2016 and 2018
  • Instructional Styles in Philosophy (with Professor Bernhard Nickel) 2018–2019
  • Graduate Seminar in General Education: Family and Social Justice (with Professor Gina Schouten) 2018
  • Intelligent Systems: Design and Ethical Challenges (with Professor Barbara Grosz) 2016

Harvard University, Teaching Fellowships

  • Negotiation Workshop at Harvard Law School, Professor Robert Mnookin, 2016
  • Race and Social Justice, Professor Tommie Shelby, 2015
  • Philosophy of Law, Professor Adam Hosein, 2015
  • Deductive Logic, Professor Mark Richard, 2014 (Head Teaching Fellow)
  • Deductive Logic, Professor Edward Hall, 2013

Guest teaching

  • “Ethical Responsibility for User-Generated Content.” Harvard University, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Abstraction and Design in Computation, Professor Stuart Shieber 2019
  • “Identifying Ethical Considerations: A Case Study on Google Duplex.” Swarthmore College, Ethics and Technology, Profs. Krista Thomason and Ameet Soni 2019
  • “Algorithmic Discrimination.” University of Southern California, Artificial Intelligence for Social Good, Profs. Milind Tambe and Eric Rice 2017
  • “Philanthropic Obligations.” Bowdoin College, Philanthropy, NGOs and the Welfare State in Asia, Prof. Emily Clough 2017
  • “Mill’s Utilitarianism.” Barnard College, Introduction to Philosophy, Prof. Simona Aimar 2014

Swarthmore College, Teaching Assistantships

  • Semantics, Professor Ted Fernald, 2007
  • Deductive Logic, Professor Richard Eldridge, 2006
  • Deductive Logic, Professor Alan Baker, 2005
  • Writing Associate (peer writing tutor), 2005–2008


Harvard Department of Philosophy

Embedded EthiCS, integrating ethics curricula into Computer Science, 2016–2019
Moral and Political Philosophy Workshop, 2014–2019
MIT Workshop on Gender and Philosophy (WOGAP), 2009–2019
Feminism and Evolutionary Biology Reading Group, 2010–2013

Harvard Law School

Editor of Harvard Law Review, 2012–2014

Articles Editor, 2013–2014
Organizer of the Symposium on New York Times vs. Sullivan, 2013–2014
President of the Harvard Law Review Diversity Committee, 2012–2013

Editor of Harvard Journal of Racial and Ethnic Justice, 2011–2013

Articles Editor, 2012–2013

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Law and Philosophy Forum, participant, 2008–2009
Jerusalem Political Philosophy Forum, participant, 2008–2009
Federmann Center for the Study of Rationality, visiting fellow, 2008–2009


Moral and Political Philosophy Workshop Coordinator, 2019
Minorities and Philosophy Committee Member, 2013–2019
Philosophy Graduate Student Representative, 2015–2016
Moderator for the Harvard Graduate Legal Philosophy Colloquium, 2014
Teaching Reform Committee Member, 2013–2014
Departmental Representative to the Graduate Student Council, 2012–2014
Open Minds Philosophy Outreach program, 2011–2014
Harvard-MIT Graduate Conference Co-organizer, 2010–2011
Prospective Student Visit Coordinator, 2009–2010



Research Assistant to Professor Tommie Shelby, Harvard University, Summer 2015 and 2016

Helped to prepare Dark Ghettos for publication.

Volunteer, Speaking in the Square (Medabrim Bakikar)­­­, Jerusalem, Summer 2014

Engaged in bi-weekly grassroots interventions responding to the anti-Arab vigilante group, Lehava, by initiating dialogue with members of Lehava in Zion Square.

Foreign Law Clerk for Justices Salim Joubran and Uzi Vogelman, Israel Supreme Court, Summer 2013

Conducted research in public international law and the laws of the United States and Canada, wrote memoranda, advised the justices, and attended oral argument.

Research Assistant to Professor Randall Kennedy, Harvard Law School, 2013

Helped to prepare For Discrimination: Race, Affirmative Action, and the Law for publication.

Student Attorney, Harvard Defenders, Harvard Law School, 2012–2014

Represented indigent criminal defendants in clerk-magistrate hearings.

Instructor, ThinkerAnalytix and Philosophy for Kids, Codman Academy and the International School of Boston, 2011–2012

Taught bi-semester moral philosophy seminars for high school students and bi-weekly guided discussion for third and fourth graders through a curricular enrichment program.


English (native language)
Hebrew (native language)