Ph.D. Students

  • Raha Imanirad (Ph.D., June 2020), Role: Chair. Dissertation Title: “Essays on Emergency Department Physician Performance”. Position on Graduation: Assistant Professor of Operations Management, Schulich School of Business, York University. Other committee members: Ananth Raman (HBS) and Ryan Buell (HBS).

  • Lina Song (Ph.D., May 2020), Role:  Chair. Dissertation Title: “Data-Driven Healthcare Operations Management: The Role of Provider Market and Public Policy”. Position on Graduation: Assistant Professor of Operations and Technology, University College London, School of Management. Other committee members: Joseph Newhouse (HMS and HKS) and Mary Beth Landrum (HMS).

  • Vidit Munshi (Ph.D., May 2020), Role: Committee Member. Dissertation Title: “Risk-Based Strategies for Population Screening and Disease Management”. Position on Graduation: Lecturer, Questrom School of Business, Boston University. Other committee members: Jane Kim (HSPH) and Ankur Pandya (HSPH).

  • Alireza Boloori (Ph.D., Apr. 2019), Role: Chair. Dissertation Title: “Data-Driven Decision-Making for Medications Management Modalities”. Position on Graduation: Assistant Professor (Dept. of Statistics and Probability), Michigan State University.

  • Austin Bren (Ph.D., Apr. 2018), Role: Chair. Dissertation Title: “Data-Driven Robust Optimization in Healthcare Applications”. Position on Graduation: Operations Research Scientist at Opex Analytics.

  • Aysegul Demirtas (Ph.D., Feb. 2018), Role: Co-Chair. Dissertation Title: “The Optimal Control of Child Delivery for Women with Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy”.  Position on Graduation: Data Scientist at Intel.

  • Bahareh Azarnoush (Ph.D., Dec. 2014), Role:  Committee Member.  Dissertation Title: “Holistic Learning for Multi-Target and Network Monitoring Problems”. Position on Graduation: Data Scientist at Netflix.