Public Impact Analytics Science Lab (PIAS-Lab) at Harvard

The Public Impact Analytics Science Lab (PIAS-Lab) at Harvard, founded and directed by Soroush Saghafian, is devoted to advancing and applying the science of analytics for solving societal problems that can have public impact. The mission of the lab is to improve societal outcomes by developing, integrating, and using appropriate analytical tools in Operations Research, Machine Learning and Big Data, Decision Making, Statistics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and related fields.

The Lab is currently mainly focusing on the healthcare sector and is collaborating with the Statistical Reinforcement Learning Lab at Harvard, the Harvard Center for Health Decision Science, the Harvard Data Science Initiative, and various other organizations, including the Mayo Clinic and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)

The PIAS-LAB is hosted by the Harvard Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government (M-RCBG), which is directed by Larry Summers (President Emeritus of Harvard, former Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, and former Director of the National Economic Council) and John Haigh. The mission of M-RCBG is to advance the state of knowledge and policy analysis concerning some of society’s most challenging problems at the interface of the public and private sectors.

Open Poistion Announcement: PIAS-Lab is accepting applications for a Postdoctoral Fellow position.  More information can be found here.