My work has been featured in a number of scientific and popular media pieces, including the following: 


2020 Sausage of Science Podcast (audio): Child growth and energetic constraints with Dr. Sam Urlacher

2020 Waco Tribune-Herald: Move more, weigh less? Baylor prof's study of Amazon kids challenges that equation

2019 Good Morning America (video): Your weight could depend more on what you eat than exercise

2019 HealthlineStudy Finds Overeating Not Inactivity May Help Explain Child Obesity Rates

2019 Daily MailEating too much – not exercising too little – is the biggest driver of obesity in children, finds study that compared Western children to young Amazonian hunters​​​​​​​

2019 El País (Spanish language): El niño de una tribu y el de una ciudad gastan la misma energía​​​​​​​

2019 Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (German language, audio): Zu wenig Bewegung? Zu viel Essen!​​​​​​​

2019 CBS Baltimore (video): HealthWatch: Study Finds Weight Gain Comes From Eating Too Much

2019 Muscle and FitnessDiet, not exercise, may have a bigger effect on weight gain

2019 Times of IndiaOvereating may be main cause of obesity, not less physical activity

2018 The ScientistAmazonians Offer Clues to Human Childhood Development​​​​​​​

2018 DiscoverA Brush With a Feathered Foe​​​​​​​

2018 Science DailyHigh immune function tied to stunted growth​​​​​​​

2018 PNAS ‘In This Issue’ FeatureTradeoffs between inflammation and growth​​​​​​​


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