Job Announcement: Lab Manager (Research Associate)


Qualified individuals are invited to apply for a full-time Lab Manager (Research Associate) position at Dr. Sangeet Lamichhaney’s research group at Department of Biological Sciences at Kent State University in Ohio, USA. Dr. Lamichhaney is currently based at Harvard University and will move to Kent State University soon. The successful candidate will work together with Dr. Lamichhaney to set up a new lab at Kent State University and will be actively involved in research projects that utilizes advanced ‘omics methods to study adaptive evolution in birds. 

Previous and ongoing research in the lab has focused on integrating computational genomics and natural history to understand genetic basis of adaptive traits in vertebrates ranging from fish (Atlantic herring), reptiles (squamates) and birds (Darwin’s finches & ruff), both at micro and macro-evolutionary scales. Specific research themes are in the topics of  convergent evolution of traits and adaptive radiation, role of structural variants in adaptive diversification, impact of interspecies gene flow on trait evolution and hybrid speciation. Our previous work on the Darwin’s finches for instance, represents an example of how genomics can be effectively integrated with the long-term field studies on ecology and natural history to reveal unique insights into genetic basis of adaptive radiation in Darwin’s finches that has been one of the textbook example for variety of topics in evolutionary biology.

Additional details about previous and ongoing research can be found at

Requirements for this position include,

  • At least Bachelors in Molecular Biology, Biotechnology or related field (Masters degree preferred)

Additional relevant skills include

  • Previous experience of working in Molecular Biology Laboratory
  • Interest in doing field-work if necessary
  • Some basic understanding regarding the workflow of next generation genome analysis is a plus

Interested applicants should contact Dr. Sangeet Lamichhaney ( with their most recent CV listing relevant work experience, a cover letter that demonstrates why they are suitable for this job, and names and contact address of two references. The position will remain open until filled. Salary will commensurate with education and experience.

Sangeet Lamichhaney
Assistant Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
Kent State University