I am an expert in sociological theory, a sociologist of culture, and a historical sociologist, with teaching and research interests in political sociology, qualitative methods, knowledge, technology, and science, and the environment. I have also been trained in modern history, social thought, some social science disciplines and philosophy.

I study political and cultural objects, their role in producing collectively shared meanings, and their contribution to the maintenance of long-lasting social orders. My research agenda relies primarily on qualitative methods and has two distinct foci. First, I study the ways in which political actors and scientific experts create objects of knowledge (such as maps and surveys) aimed at controlling populations and their surrounding environment; and second, I study the emergence of cultural objects (such as literary works) and the processes by which they attain long-lasting value, especially once their original context of cultural production has disappeared. 

Papers coming out of this research agenda have received several awards from the American Sociological Association. 

Currently, I am an affiliate at The Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies.