American Astronomical Society's First Hundred Years (1999-2001)

Presentation Date: 

Sunday, May 30, 1999


Chicago, IL; Notre Dame, IN; Madison, WI; Atlanta, GA; College Park, MD; New York, NY; Washington, DC: Cambridge, MA

AAS centennial exhibit detail 1999

This exhibit commemorated the American Astronomical Society's centennial by describing the society's formation and growth; debates over the place of physics within astronomy; roles for women; ties between professional and amateur astronomers; the AAS in the context of American politics; its outreach programs; and the history of AAS divisions.  Harking back to an AAS tradition of meeting registers (samples from 1902-1970 were shown in the exhibit), visitors were invited to join Simon Newcomb, George Ellery Hale, and other luminaries of astronomy by “signing into history.”

The exhibit opened at the AAS Centennial Meeting in Chicago in May 1999 and then traveled to the Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum (Chicago), the History of Astronomy Workshop at Notre Dame, the University of Wisconsin Space Place (Madison, WI), the AAS meeting site in Atlanta in January 2000, the American Center for Physics (College Park, MD), the New York Academy of Sciences (New York, NY), the US Naval Observatory (Washington, DC), and Harvard University (Cambridge, MA).

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