Radio Contact: Tuning In to Politics, Technology, & Culture (2016)

Presentation Date: 

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

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Remember the times when the whole family gathered round the living room radio to listen to Roosevelt's fireside chats or detective dramas like The Shadow? When boys and sometimes girls tinkered with ham radio in garages in order to talk to people across the country?  When commercial, underground, and political networks broadcast to a fragmented society, giving voice to diverse ideas and music, which anyone could sample? Showcasing radio equipment from the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments, Radio Contact examined the evolving technology and cultures of listening, tinkering, and broadcasting.

Radio Programs  Living RoomHam Shack

Co-curated with graduate students, Devin Kennedy and Mia Metivier.  For more photographs and links to press stories, visit  The program guide for the soundscape of radio clips is here.

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