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Schechner, Sara J., Jean-Francois Gauvin, and others. “Waywiser.” Online database of the Harvard Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments, 2007. Link to Waywiser Abstract
Waywiser, is the online database of the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments, Harvard University. It was first developed by Jean-François Gauvin and Sara J. Schechner in 2007--2008, and has since been updated in format by Juan Andres Leon and other museum staff. As curator of the Collection, Schechner is the contributor of thousands of object entries and biographies, particularly in the areas of astronomy, microscopy, optics, time finding, horology, surveying, navigation, psychology, and radio. Work on the database is ongoing. The database is named after an ancient instrument for measuring distance, also called a hodometer.
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Transits of Venus
Schechner, Sara J, Stephen Johnston, and Steven Turner. “Transits of Venus,” 2004. Transits of Venus websiteAbstract
Transits of Venus is a global collaboration of institutions holding historical scientific instruments, images, and documents used on Transit of Venus expeditions in the 18th and 19th centuries, creating a database of instruments, observing stations, events, people, and institutions. The site was developed by Stephen Johnston, Sara J. Schechner, and Steven Turner, 2003-2004. Additions to the site's database are ongoing.